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The rise of non-clinical compensation measures in physician contracts

More practices are shifting to a blend of clinical and non-clinical measures to compensate the providers for their work. | Continue Reading

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Is your physician alignment model likely to invite regulatory scrutiny?

A recent FTC case provides insight | Continue Reading

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Staying up to date on meaningful use is important!

Meaningful use in 2014 is very different than in previous years. | Continue Reading

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Protect your data with stronger passwords

With so many high profile data breaches in the news lately – from Target and Home Depot to the recent celebrity photo leak – the need to use strong passwords to protect your data is more important than ever. | Continue Reading

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Update on the 2013 Medicaid rate increase

By now, all health care practices should have received their Medicaid rate increase payments from all of 2013, as well as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) rate for 2014. | Continue Reading

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Physician productivity measurement and trends

In order to optimize the performance of a physician practice or hospital-based physician group, it is important to track and benchmark the productivity indicators that are most closely associated with practice success. | Continue Reading

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Best practices in developing a physician compensation model for health system employed physician groups

There are several economic and regulatory factors driving strategic imperatives for hospitals and physicians to align themselves through employment or other professional service arrangements. | Continue Reading

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Reimbursing Medicaid claims after the PPACA takes effect

Because of the upcoming changes caused by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, providers who qualified for the 2013 Primary Care Physician Rate Increase program should look to ensure that Medicaid claims are being reimbursed at the correct, current Medicare rate for the corresponding year. | Continue Reading

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Work-life balance vs. the need for practice revenue

Thomas Ferkovic, managing director of MMG Healthcare, discusses the effects of work-life balance he has observed for hospital or health system employed physicians. | Continue Reading

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Medicaid rate increase starting in 2013

Attention primary care physicians: Action needed now. | Continue Reading

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