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Chronic care management services – A game changer in primary care

For 2015, the American Medical Association created and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services approved a new way for providers to be compensated for the non-face-to-face work they and their clinical staff do in managing serious chronic illness. This code appears to be a page right out of “Concierge or Direct Care Medicine’s playbook” – the focus is for sick patients to have high-touch pro-active intervention with 24/7 access to their doctor and/or care team, resulting in acute care prevention. | Continue Reading

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Let the ACA be an opportunity for your practice

By all accounts, the vast majority of MMG Healthcare’s clients are seeing a rise in insurance premiums. In a time of decreasing reimbursements and narrowing margins this creates even more price pressures and demands placed upon you to run lean, efficient practices. While these price pressures may drive more physicians either into an employment situation or out of the business entirely, it does create an opportunity for creative solutions. | Continue Reading

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The MyCare Ohio curveball

The health care profession is ever changing and it can be difficult to keep up. And for people living in Ohio, yet another curve ball has been thrown our way – MyCare Ohio. | Continue Reading

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Kevin Counihan named CEO of federal exchange | Continue Reading

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Join us for Health Care Conversations: Emerging strategies and alliances in health care practice, and critical compliance risks and enforcement trends

Join MMG Healthcare and Tucker Ellis for this complimentary program on compliance and enforcement in a chancing health care environment. | Continue Reading

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The Health Insurance Exchange presents challenges to practices in 2014

Because Health Insurance Exchange products (HIX Plans) went into effect on Jan. 1, 2014, there are a few challenges that practices will face in relation to the introduction of these new products into their revenue cycle. | Continue Reading

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Revised EMR subsidy law

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released last-minute extensions of the regulations allowing subsidized electronic health records (EHRs) for physician practices and other healthcare providers in December 2013. | Continue Reading

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Prepare for ICD-10’s impact on health care

Much like Cyndi Lauper sings in “Money Changes Everything,” ICD-10-CM will change everything for the health care community. Will you be ready? | Continue Reading

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Electronic records and HIPAA compliance

Electronic records and HIPAA compliance

With the advent of looming penalties from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services that will be imposed for not using electronic technology and the potential awards on fulfilling “meaningful use,” more physicians have implemented EHR. This means a change in work style for many physicians and staff and a new level of compliance under the 1996 federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA. | Continue Reading

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Do your practices need a heart monitor?

I am not what you would consider a numbers person, so I never was a big fan of dashboards and key indicator reports in physician practices. Collecting and collating key indicator data from physician practices is not an easy task. Most practices and health systems with physician employees do not have easy access to the information - the key indicators - that helps to manage a practice. | Continue Reading

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Can your team hit a curveball?

Can your team hit a curveball?

Those of you who follow professional baseball know the difference between a minor league and major league star is not the player’s speed, skill in catching the ball, or his understanding of the rules. It’s the ability to hit a curveball! | Continue Reading

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Upcoming Trends for ICD-10CM

The World Health Organization will replace the ICD-9 coding system with ICD-10 starting Oct. 1, 2014. The new codes will include more specific information, and the possible diagnostic codes will increase from 13,000 to 68,000. In order to receive reimbursement for patient claims, U.S. health care providers must begin implementation and training ahead of the conversion deadline for a smoother transition. | Continue Reading

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