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Make sure your compliance plan includes sanction screening

If your compliance plan does not include sanction screening, you should immediately look to update and screen for exclusion from any federal health care programs prior to hiring, referring, or contracting with vendors. | Continue Reading

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Do you employ providers without a business plan?

The answer should be “absolutely not,” but the reality is that MMG frequently observes clients who do not have a detailed business plan prior to recruitment. We’ve provided some of the questions that leadership should be asking, and answering, for the operational team so that an effective business plan can be established. | Continue Reading

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Do your staff members have the urgency trait?

Working with a sense of urgency is a trait that you should look for in any staff member that you hire. Unfortunately, identifying “the urgency trait” is not always easy. | Continue Reading

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New Ohio law requires patients to be notified of physician's termination

Hospitals, physicians practices, and other entities employing physicians in Ohio are now required to send patients a notice when their physician's employment is terminated. | Continue Reading

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The impact of organizational structure on integration strategies

MMG Healthcare routinely finds that a practice’s documented organization structure is not relied upon when real-time decisions are made. An organizational chart defines the chain of command, but everyday choices by health system executives frequently void the structure. While one-on-one relationships between providers and health system executives lead to open communication and trust, they often create inconsistencies in employment and contracts. | Continue Reading

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