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HIPAA and OSHA compliance plans

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Medic Management Group has HIPAA and OSHA compliance expertise. We can develop your practice HIPAA and OSHA manuals, customizing policies and procedures that address your areas of risk. Our team can provide annual on-site training for staff and medical personnel. We will help you learn requirements with electronic medical records, information systems, emails, faxes, and paper records. Our experts will help your staff develop a better understanding of the myths and facts relating to both HIPAA and OSHA.

In addition, Medic Management Group will instruct personnel on notification under the new HITECH requirements. Your team will learn how to determine the type of breach and required corrective actions, including ways to mitigate damages. We will provide guidance on these areas relating to staff discipline levels in the event of a breach and keep your personnel up to date on the latest requirements.

“The work has been consistently excellent. I really appreciate the fact that my MMG contact checks in with me regularly to see how things are going rather than assuming that I will call if there is a problem.”

— Sloan Albert, President and COO, Mount Carmel Medical Group