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What We Do

Ohio Clinical Research Partners, LLC (OCRP) is dedicated to providing quality turn-key research services to organizations that are committed to the clinical research philosophy and process. Practices of all sizes and specialties are considered in matching the appropriate study.

OCRP’s mission is to perform clinical research trials that help improve lives by providing alternative treatments for existing medical conditions and advancing medicine.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires studies on all pharmaceutical treatments, drugs, and devices to be monitored. OCRP is engaged by pharmaceutical companies to provide research management.


How Does It Work

Although OCRP provides the clinical and management services for the contracted studies, we see this as a team effort. This includes providing full execution of the protocol with complete and accurate data. OCRP’s management and recruitment methods have consistently produced high trial enrollments. We provide our sponsors consistent subject enrollment, evaluable patients, complete and accurate data, and a high retention rate. Our collective success depends on our ability to work together and to collaborate. It is our full intention to remain unobtrusive to the practice’s operations. The staff of OCRP acts as your site management organization. We will offer full-service management and clinic service with respect to clinical research. Our research is conducted by following FDA and ICH GCP guidelines. We provide qualified professional clinical staffing to conduct the clinical trials. In addition, adequate site supervision is supplied to ensure the integrity of our quality is not compromised. OCPR offers identified studies to practices for review and approval, along with financial budgets.

OCRP provides the site management and infrastructure for the site which includes: financial management, operation management, and regulatory compliance management. We provide standardized clinical protocols for each study. We ensure that specific protocols are followed in accordance with study requirements. The practice will assist in the selection of a Principal Investigator and Sub Investigator to participate in each trial. We will assist with the training and certification process. We provide the start-up capital for the partnership to help cover staff and operating costs until the funding is generated from participation.

We look for practices with the willingness to discuss participation in clinical trials with identified patients. The practice must provide OCRP with the ability to review patient records and diagnosis history. The practice will also need to provide OCRP dedicated space for the research staff and an exam room to see participants for the study trial. This element is crucial to a successful outcome. Additionally, the practice must provide OCRP with the opportunity to discuss patient concerns/needs with the provider. BAA/HIPPA documents will be signed as a part of our contract. All of these elements are crucial to a successful outcome. The willingness to have advertising both external as well as internal to the clinic site is equally as important (any advertising will not be associated with your site, but rather OCRP). Doing so will generate patients in the practice that are not normally seen/registered at your facility.

How We Do It

OCRP works with established medical practices to identify candidates for participation in these trials. In addition to experienced medical and technical expertise dedicated to the oversight of trials, the most essential aspect of a successful clinical trial is the recruitment and retention of subjects. In order to provide efficiencies within the studies, we look to enroll patients with the applicable issues related to the study. The most effective means of doing so is to engage medical practices with a large and relevant patient base; this is beneficial to achieving a stable and consistent result.


Why Us

We have a proven track record of providing unsurpassed studies. We collaborate with the major pharmaceutical companies and CROs. We have earned the respect and trust from the pharmaceutical industries and work to maintain the integrity that is associated with our name. The practice and patients benefit by being exposed to new treatment options and protocols. In addition, there is a financial benefit to the practice by receiving 50% of the net profit of the center. Many times patients are also compensated for their participation in the study to reimburse for their time and out of pocket expenses.


Trial Information

We have successfully conducted Phase II-IV clinical trials with numerous pharmaceutical
companies including:

  • Asterand
  • AdeptBio
  • Allergan
  • Biogen
  • Novartis
  • Marinus Pharmaceuticals
  • Sunovion
  • Sanofi


Office Locations



Neurology: 4105 Holiday Street NW, Canton, Ohio 44718

Opthalmology: 2600 Tuscarawas St. Canton, Ohio 44708 


Digestive Health: 34940Ridge Road, Willoughby, Ohio 44094


Dermatology: 26908 Detroit Ave, Westlake, Ohio 44145

Dermatology: 16660 Bagley Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44310

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