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Building Market Share Via Specialty Practice Alignment


A large midwestern health care system that offers primary and specialty care services and community health programs throughout its market reach.


As this health care system looked to increase its market share within various specialty care service lines, 
it was acutely focused on building relationships with community-based independent practices in the region to support its medical centers. The leadership of the health system was searching for ways to work with these practices and integrate them into the system, without the need or desire for a direct employment relationship.

MMG was engaged to help coordinate solutions that satisfied the needs of both the health system and the independent practices within the region.


MMG, along with the leadership of the health system, met with the principals from the identified practice groups to discuss the current and future clinical and administrative needs of the health system. Simultaneously, the MMG team deployed analytical and operational resources to quantify the interest, capabilities and capacity of each practice group to realistically service each center’s specialty care needs. 

Using these insights, MMG presented various alignment options to the health system’s leadership team that could benefit both their medical centers and the community-based practices. The MMG team also provided a detailed list of options that could fit the needs of both parties which, among other things, included:

•    Providing Income Guarantees to the independent practices looking to hire new recruits coming into the market as long as the health system could show a market need for that recruit
•    On-call medical arrangements
•    Clinical and administrative medical directorships
•    Physician service and management agreements

Finally, MMG worked with leadership and legal counsel to develop letters of intent and contract agreements for the various practice alignment arrangements.


Over just a few years, the health care system was able to successfully grow their relationships with the community practice groups, ensuring sustainability and growth of market share in the region. 

The practices also benefited from the partnerships, receiving financial and operational support that allowed them to maintain independence and continue providing important medical services to patients within their communities. 


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